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Dylan Thomas


Dylan Marlais Thomas, a Welsh poet born in Swansea on 27 October 1914. He died in New York on 9 November 1953. Dylan Thomas' production includes poems of course, but also numerous short stories, some novellas, and film and radio scripts.


Your breath was shed
Invisible to make
About the soiled undead
Night for my sake,

A raining trail
Intangible to them
With biter's tooth and tail
And cobweb drum,

A dark as deep
My love as a round wave
To hide the wolves of sleep
And mask the grave.

The Molls

I found them lying on the floor,
Male shapes, girl-lipped, but clad like boys:
Night after night their hands implore
Emetic Percies for their joys.

They retch into my secret night
With stale and terrifying camp
And offer as the last delight
A crude, unhappy, anal cramp.

Gently they sigh to my behind
Wilde words, all buttered, badly bred,
And when I dream of them I find
Peacockstain's poems on my bed.

[NdL: this poem was written as a parody of Frederic Prokosch's poem "The Doll".]


Eighteen Poems (1934)

Twenty-five Poems (1936)

The Map of Love (1939)

New Poems (1939)

Deaths and Entrances (1946)

Collected Poems, 1934-1952 (1952)

Dylan Thomas: The Poems - Edited by Daniel Jones (1971), J. M. Dent

Selected Poems

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940), New Directions Paperbook 1955

Adventures in the Skin Trade, New Directions Paperbook - Short stories

A Prospect of the Sea

The Outing

Holiday Memory

A Child's Christams in Wales, New Directions Paperbook (illustrated by Ellen Raskin)

A Child's Christams in Wales, New Directions Paperbook (illustrated by Fritz Eichengerg)

A Visit to Grandpa's and Other Stories

The Notebooks

Collected Letters

Under Milk Wood, A Play for Voices, New Directions Paperbook - Play

The Colour of Saying - An Anthology of Verses Spoken by Dylan Thomas

Quite Early One Morning, New Directions Paperbook - Stories and essays

The Doctor and the Devils, New Directions Paperbook - Film and radio scripts

Rebecca's Daughters, New Directions Paperbook - Film scenario

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